Ashina Morihisa (蘆名盛久)

Morihisa ASHINA (year of birth unknown - 1444) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the mid Muromachi Period. The tenth family head of the Ashina clan. A son of the ninth family head, Morimasa ASHINA. He was known as Goro ASHINA. He was also known as Saburoemon ASHINA. His official ranks included Gyobu no taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of Justice), Shuri no daibu (Master of the Office of Palace Repairs) and Shimosa no kami (Governor of Shimosa Province).

His father Morimasa transferred the family estate to him and he became the family head in June, 1434 (his father died in the same year). Although the details while he was the family head is hardly known, it is supposed that it was Morihisa who took sides with Mitsunao ASHIKAGA of Sasagawa palace at the Eikyo War as the family head. Since he had no children, he designated his younger brother Morinobu ASHINA as his successor, and he died in 1444.

It is said that, in 1432, he built a villa, which was later going to be the template for Oyakuen, the second residence of the Aizu clan.

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