Ashina Morimasa (蘆名盛政)

Morimasa ASHINA (1386 - 1434) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the early and mid Muromachi Period. The ninth family head of the Ashina clan. A son of the eighth family head, Akimori ASHINA.

He became the family head, taking over from his father Akimori. After becoming the family head, he tried to strengthen the relationship with temple and shrine powers by donating his territories in order to solidify his position. At the War of Zenshu UESUGI from 1416, he took sides with Zenshu UESUGI and fought against Mochiuji ASHIKAGA, but there was no fact that he was hunted down by the shogunate. However, in 1418, the dissatisfaction against this made his family the Shingu clan betray Morimasa, and they engaged in conflicts and disputes. Morimasa put down the insurgency by taking control of Kobuse Castle in the following year, 1419. In June, 1434, he died soon after he transferred the family estate to his son Morihisa ASHINA.

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