Adachi Morimune (安達盛宗)

Morimune ADACHI (date of birth unknown – January, 1286) was a gokenin (a shogunal retainer)of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) in the late Kamakura period. He was a member of the Adachi clan and a son of Yasumori ADACHI. His mother was unknown. His brother was Munekage ADACHI. He served as Echizen no kuni kokushi (the provincial governor of Echizen Province). As he was written on the right side of Munekage in "Sonpibunmyaku" (a text compiled in the fourteenth century that records the lineages of the aristocracy), it's possible that he was older than the legitimate child, Munekage, but in "Moko Shurai Ekotoba" (picture scrolls of Mongol invasion attempts against Japan) by Suenaga TAKESAKI, he was written 'Shiro jiro' (the second son).

On July 28, 1277, he was appointed as Kebiishi (officials with judicial and police powers) and served in white fusuma (an outer robe for military officers) which was a formal attire for samurai. After the Bunei War, Morimune left the capital and went to Kyushu as Shugodai (deputy of a military governor) of Higo Province where his father, Yasumori assumed the position as Shugo (a provincial military governor) in 1276, to prepare for another invasion by Yuan (Dynasty). In the Koan War in June, 1281, he played a role as a commander of local samurai, then in February, 1285, he served at 'Chinzei tokushu gougi sosho kikan' (special collegial and legal institution in Kyushu Region) [former Chinzei tandai (office of the military governor of Kyushu)] which was set for dealing with the post-war issues in Koan Reform by Yasumori. On Decemebr 21 in the same year, when the Adachi clan was destroyed by the Shimotsuki Incident, which was led by the conflict between Yasumori and Uchi-Kanrei (head of Tokuso Family) TAIRA no Yoritsuna, Morimune who was in northern Kyushu secluded himself in Iwato-ji Castle with Kagesuke SHONI, and fought with a troop of Kagesuke's brother, Tsunesuke SHONI, which backed Yoritsuna, but was defeated and dead (battle in Iwato).

In Moko Shurai Ekotoba, Morimune, who was receiving a report of military exploit by Suenaga, was depicted.

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