Kujo Moronori (九条師教)

Moronori KUJO (June 20, 1273 - July 21, 1320) was a court noble who lived in the Kamakura period. His father was Tadanori KUJO. His mother was a daughter of Kinsuke SAIONJI. He was a grandson of Tadaie KUJO. His legal wife was a daughter of Emperor Kameyama and his concubine was a daughter of Imperial Prince Moriyoshi. He had a son, Michinori KUJO.

On April 21, 1285, he was given Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), and was later appointed to the post of Togu no fu (in charge of the Crown Prince's education) when Imperial Prince Tomihito (later Emperor Hanazono) was formally installed as Crown Prince. He assumed the post of Kanpaku (chief advisor to the emperor) for Emperor Gonijo and that of Sessho (regent) for Emperor Hanazono, resigning as Sessho in December of 1308.

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