Kujo Morotaka (九条師孝)

Morotaka KUJO (October 27, 1688 - August 15, 1713) was a Court noble who lived during the Edo period. His father was Sukezane KUJO. His mother was Imperial Princess Masuko. His siblings included Yukinori KUJO (adopted by Morotaka), Sukeko KUJO (legal wife of Yoshimichi TOKUGAWA), and Naozane KUJO. His wife was a daughter of Tsunanaga ASANO. He called himself Nyohokoin (如法光院).

Brief Personal History

He was born to Sukezane KUJO in 1688. He was appointed to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) on February 28, 1697. He resigned and died on August 15, 1731.

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