Kazanin Morotsugu (花山院師継)

Morotsugu KAZANIN (1222 - April 28, 1281) was a court noble in the Kamakura period. He was the fourth son of Tadatsune KAZANIN. His brother was Sadamasa KAZANIN. His mother was a daughter of Muneyuki HAMURO. He had a son Moronobu KAZANIN and a daughter (wife of Sanekane SAIONJI). He had a foster daughter Tadako ITSUTSUJI, the real mother of Emperor Godaigo. He was ranked as Shonii (Senior Second Rank). He filled a post of Gon Dainagon (provisional major counselor).

Brief Personal History

In 1222, he was born as the fourth son of Tadatsune KAZANIN.

In 1271, he became naidaijin (the Minister of the Palace) (1271 to 1275).

He died in 1281.

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