Jimyoin Motohisa (持明院基久)

Motohisa JIMYOIN (1584 – June 3, 1615) was a court noble who was active from the Azuchi Momoyama period until the early Edo period. He served as Jushiinojo Sakone no Gon no chujo (lieutenant general of the inner palace guard at junior fourth rank, upper grade). His natural father was Suehide OGIMACHI; Motohisa was adopted by Mototaka JIMYOIN. His younger sister Motoko JIMYOIN served Emperor Goyozei as Naishi no suke (handmaid) and was called Ryoseiin (or Ryoshoin). Among his children were Motoyuki JIMYOIN, Motohide KAWABATA (Kimitora KAWABATA) who was adopted by Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN, Yorinao TOMIKOJI who was adopted by Hidenao TOMIKOJI, and a daughter who became the wife of Motosada JIMYOIN.

In spite of his status as the noble, he and his son Motoyuki joined in the Siege of Osaka, and protected the Osaka-jo Castle until he was killed in the last battle at Tennoji Okayama. Some historian says that he escaped with his bare life and died May 28 of the same year.

Motosada JIMYOIN, the second son of Motoie OSAWA who was one of Koke Hatamoto (direct retainers of the bakufu, who were in a privileged family under Tokugawa Shogunate), married a daughter of Motohisa and inherited the Jimyoin family, and the Jimyoin family was forgiven the continuance.

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