Kanze Motoshige (観世元滋)

Motoshige KANZE (1895 – 1939) was a leading traditional Japanese Noh drama performer (shite-kata) and member of the Kanze school (one of the 5 major Noh troupes). Motoshige was the 24th hereditary head of the Kanze family.
Took the stage name 'Sakon KANZE.'
His former name was Kiyohisa.

Eldest son of Motoyoshi KANZE. Because Kiyokado KANZE (23rd head of the Kanze family) had no legitimate son, he adopted Kiyohisa, a son of his younger brother, Kurosaburo KATAYAMA who had been adopted to Katayama family. That made Motoshige the nephew of the 23rd member of the family line.

His appearance and fine voice gained Motoshige acclaim and is considered to have brought prosperity to the Kanze school across the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. Motoshige published a condensed book of dialogues known as 'Taisho shohon' (authentic text).

His eldest son was Motomasa KANZE. His second son was Motoaki KANZE.

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