Yuki Munehiro (結城宗広)

Munehiro YUKI (born in 1266, birth date unknown - January 9, 1339) was a military commander who lived from the Kamakura period through the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His father was Sukehiro YUKI. His mother was a daughter of Norihiro ATSUTA (a high priest of a great shrine). His official post was Kozuke no suke (court official). His children were Chikatomo YUKI and Chikamitsu YUKI. His rank was Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank).

He was first appointed to be in charge of political affairs in the southern Oshu area as a loyal vassal of the Hojo clan, but when he received an order from Emperor Godaigo to attack the shogunate, he switched sides to the Imperial Court, invaded Kamakura in 1333 with Yoshisada NITTA, and destroyed the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). When Akiie KITABATAKE won the strong trust of Emperor Godaigo and was permitted to live in Taga-jo Castle due to his performance on the battlefield, Munehiro was appointed to district magistrate and also the ruler of the Oshu area. In 1336, when Takauji ASHIKAGA invaded Kyoto and temporarily seized the area, Munehiro together with Akiie led an army to attack the Ashikaga force to let the Imperial Army troops recapture Kyoto, resulting in distinguished performance. When Takauji who had retreated to Kyushu reorganized his force and advanced again to the capital, Munehiro's army was destroyed in spite of their desperate fight together with Akiie's army, because Akiie died in the battle against KO no Moronao in 1338, and Muheniro then fled for his life to Yoshino where Emperor Godaigo was.

Munehiro then went by sea to Oshu with Chikafusa KITABATAKE in order to recover the power of the Southern Court, but the ship was wrecked and they were stuck in Ise Province, and shortly after, Munehiro fell ill there and died. His grave is at Yuki-jinja Shrine in Tsu City. Or, it may be at Komyo-ji Temple in Ise City. He is also enshrined at Tagajo-jinja Shrine in Tagajo City of Miyagi Prefecture.

Although Munehiro was a military commander loyal to the Southern Court throughout his life, it was ironic that his son Chikatomo YUKI became an ally of the Northern Dynasty and attacked Chikafusa. Note that, since Chikamoto was in a branch family, Chikamoto's son Akitomo YUKI was appointed to take over the family headship, but after Munehiro died, Akitomo gave the headship of the Shirakawa Yuki clan and territories to his father, Chikamoto; therefore, Chikamoto took over the family headship.

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