Chiba Munetane (千葉宗胤)

Munetane CHIBA (1265 – February 12, 1294) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the middle Kamakura period. He was the 9th family head of the Chiba clan. He was a child of the 8th family head, Yoritane CHIBA. He was the father of Tanesada CHIBA. His common name was Shinsuke CHIBA.

After the death of his father, Yoritane, he went down to Kyushu as a guard against the Mongol invasion of Japan, and was awarded the post of Osumi shugoshiki (provincial constables of Osumi Province).

Because Munetane left Shimousa Province, and also because it was in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, his honryo (main domain) in Shimousa Province was usurped by Munetane's younger brother, Tanemune CHIBA. The Chiba clan came to be divided into two groups, a group in Shimousa Province and a group in Hizen Province. Munetane became the founder of the later Chiba clan in Kyushu (the Hizen Chiba clan), and the Chiba clan based on Shimousa Province came to be taken over by the line of Tanemune. However, Munetane was awarded many posts of Jitoshiki (manager and lord of manor) not only in Hizen Province, but also in Senda no sho, Yawata no sho in Shimousa Province. On February 19, 1294, he died an early death at the age of 30.

Munetane CHIBA (year of birth unknown – April 26, 1807) was a personality in the Edo perio
He was the 37th family head of the Chiba clan. He was a child of the 36th family head, Noritane CHIBA.

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