Inagaki Nagaaki (稲垣長明)

Nagaaki INAGAKI (also known as Nagaakira INAGAKI) was the sixth lord of Toba clan of Shima Province. The tenth head of the Inagaki family of Toba clan.

Born on July 2, 1830, in Toba-jo Castle as the oldest son of Nagakata INAGAKI, the fifth lord of the clan. On June 19, 1842, due to retirement of his father, he succeeded to the family estate and became the sixth lord. Due to the arrival of Matthew Perry in 1853, on the order of the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), not only he served as a guard of the coasts of Toba Domain, but at the same time enforced the military preparations. However, suffering occasional damages due to a great earthquake, the Arashima taika (large fire of Ara-shima Island) and great tsunami, the finance of the domain became worse and made up a debt of 82,500 ryo (a unit of currency of the Edo period). In order to get out of this difficult situation, he issued a white paper on finance in 1857, disclosing the financial situation to his people, and asked them for cooperation.

At the end of the Edo period, he acted as one of the Sabaku-ha (supporters of the shogun) and left for Kyoto for the Kinmon Incident of 1864, serving as a guard of the Aburanokoji-mon Gate. Although he also left for Osaka to participate in the Second Conquest of Choshu of 1866, he soon fell ill and the conquest was suspended because Iemochi TOKUGAWA, the 14th shogun, died, then Nagaaki returned to Toba as well but died on November 6. Died at the age of 37.

His oldest son Nagayuki succeeded him.

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