Kanamori Nagamitsu (金森長光)

Nagamitsu KANAMORI was the second (and last) lord of Kozuchi Domain in Mino Province.

He was born in 1605 as the second son of the first lord of the domain, Nagachika KANAMORI (who was 82 years old at the time). Because his eldest brother, Naganori KANAMORI, sacrificed himself for Nobutada ODA by committing suicide in Nijo-jo Castle at the Honnoji Incident in 1582, Arishige KANAMORI, another adopted son of Nagachika, took over as the head of the Kanamori family and inherited the territory of Hida Province, and when Nagachika passed away in 1608, Nagamitsu inherited 23,000 koku in Kozuchi, Seki, and Kaneda in Kawachi Province.

However, he passed away on November 10 (or September 29, according to another source) in 1611. Died at the age of 7. He had no heir, and the Kanamori family of Kozuchi Domain ended due to lack of an heir, and they had to forfeit their properties and the rank of samurai.

His vassals, Mitsuyasu SHIMA, Tadachika HIDA and Masanaga IKEDA, were each provided with 1,000 koku from the remaining domain by the shogunate.

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