Akazawa Nagatsune (赤沢長経)

Nagatsune AKAZAWA was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the Sengoku Period (the late Muromachi period). He was a senior vassal of HOSOKAWA clan.

He was adopted by Tomotsune AKAZAWA, who was a senior vassal of Masamoto HOSOKAWA. He served Masamoto together with his foster father, Tomotsune, and on the order of Masamoto, he and Tomotsune attacked Yoshiari ISSHIKI of Tango Province in July, 1506. However, his lord, Masamoto HOSOKAWA was assassinated by Nagatada YAKUSHIJI, who was a senior vassal of Sumiyuki HOSOKAWA, and his group in the middle of the attack. The troop of Nagatsune was counterattacked by Yoshiari ISSHIKI and local clans of Tango Province, and Tomotsune committed suicide, but Nagatsune was barely able to evacuate from the battle, and became a vassal of Sumimoto HOSOKAWA.

Sumimoto attacked Sumiyuki in order to regain Kyoto in September, and at that time, Nagatsune spearheaded the attack and rendered distinguished service. He also invaded Yamato Province on the order of Sumimoto, and beat local clans of Yamato Province such as TSUTSUI clan. In 1508, his lord, Sumimoto and Takakuni HOSOKAWA disputed reigns of HOSOKAWA family, and Nagatsune fought, as the subject of Sumimoto, with Hisanobu HATAKEYAMA who was a vassal of TAKAKUNI clan in Kawachi Province, but he was put to rout. He was captured at Yamato Hatsuse and on September 7, executed by decapitation in Kawachi Province.

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