Kan Nangai (菅南涯)

Nangai KAN (dates of birth and death unknown) was a Japanese tenkokuka (artist of seal engraving) in the middle of the Edo period.

The Shimizu family. His main name was Sugawara, and so he changed it to Chinese style and made it to Kan. His name was 周監, azana (adult male's nickname) was 子文, and Nangai was his second name or alias. His common name was Katsuemon SHIMIZU. He was from Kyoto Prefecture.

He learned tenkoku (seal-engraving) under Fuyo KO. "Fuyo Sanbo Shiinpu," which was compiled by Iryo GEN, contains the seal he engraved. His own Inpu (compilation of seal marks) include two volumes of "Nangai Inpu."

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