Hitotsuyanagi Naoshige (一柳直重)

Naoshige HITOTSUYANAGI (1598 - August 15, 1645) was the second feudal lord of the Saijo Domain in Iyo Province. He was the eldest son of Naomori HITOTSUYANAGI, the first feudal lord. His younger brother was Naoie HITOTSUYANAGI, the first feudal lord of the Ono Domain. Naoshige's lawful wife was a daughter of Kimikane Kikutei, Dainagon (chief councilor of state). His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), the Governor of Tango Province.

Naoshige was born at Fushimi in Yamashiro Province in 1598. He was appointed to the Governor of Tango Province in 1609. He joined the Tokugawa side with his father in Osaka no Jin (the Siege of Osaka) started in 1614. Naoshige inherited the family estate and domain of 30,000 koku (crop yields) and became the lord of the Saijo Domain in Iyo Province in December 21, 1636 due to the death of his father. Later he endeavored to establish the domain duties by configuring Jin-ya machi (Kitahama-cho), performing embankment works in Kamo-gawa River (Ehime Prefecture), developing new fields, and doing others. He served as Officer of Takamatsu-jo Castle together with Sadafusa MATSUDAIRA and Yasuoki KATO when the rank of Takatoshi IKOMA of the Takamatsu Domain in Sanuki Province was changed in 1640. Naoshige died at the age of forty-eight in August 15, 1645 and Naooki HITOTSUYANAGI, his eldest son, inherited the family estate. His posthumous Buddhist name was Chokushiin denken sososhodai zendaimon. His graveyard is Zojo-ji Temple in Shiba, Minato Ward, Tokyo.

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