Ashikaga Naritsuna (足利成綱)

Naritsuna ASHIKAGA (dates of birth and death unknown) was a buke (military authority), samurai, and busho (Japanese military commander) during the late Heian period.

Summary of his career
He was a grandson of FUJIWARA no Hidesato and FUJIWARA no Kaneyuki, and a legitimate child of Nariyuki ASHIKAGA, the founder of the Ashikaga clan (the Fujiwara clan).

Even in "Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East), there is no detailed description about him. However, there is a record that after Naritsuna's father Nariyuki died, Ietsuna ASHIKAGA was adopted from the same clan and succeeded to Nariyuki's position, so it is considered that Naritsuna had died before his father's death.

In addition, it is said that his daughter became a concubine of MINAMOTO no Yoshikuni of the Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan) and gave birth to MINAMOTO no Yoshishige (the founder of the Kozuke Genji [Minamoto clan]). The daughter died at an early age like her father, and so Yoshishige was fostered as an adopted child of the daughter of FUJIWARA no Atsumoto (Fujiwara Shikike [a sub branch of Fujiwara family]) who was considered as a lawful wife of Yoshikuni (there are various theories).

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