Anegakoji Narutoshi (姉小路済俊)

Narutoshi (also called Naritoshi) ANEGAKOJI (1505 - 1527) was a Court noble who lived during the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States), and also served as the governor of Hida Province. He was the eldest son of Naritsugu ANEGAKOJI, and he had a younger brother named Takatsuna ANEGAKOJI. He died at an early age, but according to their family tree, he had two sons: Hidetsuna and Kiyotaka.

After his father Naritsugu died, he succeeded to the head of the family and became the Governor of Hida Province, but in 1527, he suddenly died at the age of 23. Subsequently, Shigetsugu TAMUKAI, who is thought to have been from the same family, succeeded to the head of the family, but the family was not as influential as they had once been. Also, the whereabouts of his younger brother Takatsuna after 1530 (three years after Narutoshi's death) is unknown. Additionally, Tokimori EMA, who was also from the same family, could not restrain Naoyori MITSUKI and other members of the Mitsuki clan from spreading their influence, and the Anegakoji family fell afterwards. The Anegakoji family became extinct when Shigetsuna was defeated by Yoshiyori (later called Tsuguyori), the son of Naoyori MITSUKI, in 1556. When Yoshiyori's son Koretsuna later succeeded to the family name of Anegakoji as a result of Yoshiyori maneuvering the Imperial Court, Tokimori and other members from the Ema clan and Tokimitsu KOJIMA from the Kojima family decided to follow him.
Moreover, Narutoshi's eldest legitimate son Hidetsuna was most likely a different person from Koretsuna's son named Hidetsuna (Koretsuna is a person who succeeded to the family name of Anegakoji.)
Recently, some people say that Shigetsugu, who was thought to have been a member originated from the Anegakoji family, and Narutoshi's younger brother Takatsuna were the same person
This means Takatsuna eventually succeeded to the head of the Anegakoji family, but there is no record stating his younger brother Takatsuna, his eldest son Hidetsuna, or his second son Kiyotaka succeeded to the head of the family.

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