Kataoka Nizaemon (片岡仁左衛門)

Nizaemon KATAOKA is a Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors) actor's professional name. The stage family name is Matsushimaya. The Jomon (family crest) is Nanatsu-wari Maru ni Ni-hiki (two horizontal lines inside a circle that each have a width equal to one-seventh the diameter of the circle), and the Kaemon (alternate personal crest) is Oikake Gomai Icho (five Ginko leaves arranged in a circle as if they were chasing each other).

Since the tenth, this professional name has been customarily succeeded by 'the Gado family' and 'the Gato family' alternately.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the first)

He was an actor in Osaka. He became popular as the actor of enemy role. He was registered as the fourth in the kakocho (a family register of deaths) of current Kataoka family. His secular name was Gizaemon MIHOGI. His haimyo (also known as haimei, a kabuki actor's offstage name which can be used officially and privately) was Sakoku.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the second) (year of birth and death unknown)

He was a son of the first. Former Chodayu KATAOKA.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the third) (year of birth and death unknown)

He was the husband of the younger sister of the first. Shigemon FUJIKAWA kept the professional name of the third Nizaemon KATAOKA. In fact he didn't succeed to it and was posthumously granted it. He was generally regarded as the third.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the fourth)

He was an adopted son of the third. It is said that the second Hanzaburo FUJIKAWA called himself the fourth Nizaemon KATAOKA from the winter of 1747 until the August of 1758 when he died. He also called himself Sakoku FUJIKAWA and Iemon SAKOKU. His haimyo was Sakoku.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the fifth) (year of birth and death unknown)

He was an adopted son of the fourth. Although the third Hanzaburo FUJIKAWA succeeded to the professional name, he disappeared around 1772.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the sixth)

As Gizaemon MIHOGI kept the professional name, he was counted as the sixth of Kataoka family. The stage family name was Tomimasuya. His haimyo was Shiro, Soto (素桐). He was good at budo (traditional military art) and jitsugoto (a style used for righteous characters).

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the seventh)

He restored the once-suspended professional name.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the eighth)

He was an adopted son of the seventh.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the ninth)

He was an adopted son of the eighth.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the tenth)

He was the third son of the eighth.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the 11th)

He was the fourth son of the eighth and the younger brother of the tenth. He was a great actor in the middle of Meiji period. He established Kataoka Junishu (12 Kabuki house arts of Matsushimaya).

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the 12th)

He was a son of the tenth.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the 13th)

He was the third son of the 11th. He was designated as Living National Treasure.

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the 14th)

Gado KATAOKA (the 13th), a son of the 12th, was posthumously granted the professional name. He was onnagata (female-role actor).

Nizaemon KATAOKA (the 15th)

He is the third son of the 13th. Former Takao KATAOKA.

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