Oda Nobukane (織田信兼)

Nobukane ODA (? - 1583) was a Japanese military commander who lived during the Sengoku period (the period of warring states). He was commonly called Shinhachiro. Nobukane was the third son of Nobuyuki ODA, who was a younger brother of Nobunaga ODA. Nobukane was a nephew of Nobunaga. Nobusumi TSUDA, the oldest legitimate son of Nobuyuki, was an older brother of Nobukane.

Nobukane served Nobutaka ODA, a son of Nobunaga. Immediately after the Honnoji Incident, Nobutaka premeditatedly murdered Nobusumi TSUDA, a real older brother of Nobukane, but Nobukane kept serving Nobutaka. Nobukane followed Nobutaka to the grave.

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