Takeda Nobukata (武田信賢)

Nobukata TAKEDA (1420 - June 29, 1471) was a warlord and provincial military governor in the Muromachi period and the second head of the Wakasa-Takeda clan that was a branch family of the Takeda clan. He was the second son of Nobushige TAKEDA (in the Muromachi period) from the Aki-Takeda clan that was a branch family of the Takeda clan, and his mother was a daughter of Nobuhide TAKEDA. Nobuhide TAKEDA was his older brother. There are other theories about the genealogy of the family. His name was Hikotaro.

He is said to have accompanied his older brother Nobuhide, who assassinated Yoshitsura ISSHIKI on the order of the Sixth Shogun Yoshinori ASHIKAGA.

In 1440, he succeeded his older brother Nobuhide, who had died from a disease, to the family headship. In Kakitsu War occurred on July 21 of the following year, 1441, Yoshinori was assassinated by his vassal Mitsusuke AKAMATSU, and Nobukata joined the army to destroy the Akamatsu clan in accordance with the order of the shogunate. During that time, people including the remnants of the Isshiki clan rose in a rebellion in Wakasa Province, and he is said to have returned his army to Wakasa to subdue it. The remnants of the Isshiki clan continued rebelling frequently after that, and Nobukata, being bothered by it to a great extent, even issued a tokuseirei (debt cancellation order).

In Onin War occurred in 1467, he belonged to the Eastern Army led by Katsumoto HOSOKAWA and fought against the Isshiki clan of the Western Army. He also went to Kyoto and fought there against the army of the Yamana clan of the Western Army. In April 1469, he invaded Tango Province and threatened Yoshinao ISSHIKI, but died from a disease on June 29, 1471 at the age of 51.

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