Koga Nobumichi (久我信通)

Nobumichi KOGA (October 11, 1744 - October 25, 1795) was a Kugyo (court noble) during the late Edo period. He mainly served four emperors, Emperor Momozono (116th), Emperor Gosakuramachi (117th), Emperor Gomomozono (118th), Emperor Kokaku (119th) and his official rank was raised to Shonii Naidaijin (Senior Second Rank, minister of the center). His father was Nagatada HIROHATA. His mother was unknown. His adoptive father was Toshimichi KOGA. His wife was the daughter of Michika ICHIJO. His adopted child was Michiaki KOGA and his daughters were Ayahime (the lord of the Kumamoto Shinden Domain Toshiyuki HOSOKAWA's wife), Nobutsune NISHINOTOIN's wife and others.

In 1756 he was adopted by the Koga family and the same year he was raised to peerage. Thereafter he was rapidly promoted as the head of the Seiga family (one of the highest court noble families in Japan at that time). Later he served as Jiju (Chamberlain), Sakone gon no shosho (Provisional Minor Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards), Sakone gon no chujo (Provisional Middle Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards), and in 1763 he became Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) and ranked as Kugyo (court noble). After he served as Toka no sechie Geben (a kugyo who supervised many matters outside Jomei Gate at Toka no sechie (Imperial Court Ceremonies), Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor of state), in 1768 he became Junii (Junior Second Rank). When the Imperial Prince Hidehito (the Emperor Gomomozono) was formally installed as Crown Prince, he became Togu Gon no daibu (Provisional Master of the Crown Prince's Quarters). In 1770 he resigned his post when the Imperial Prince ascended the throne. In 1771 he became Gon Dainagon (a provisional chief-councilor of stater). In 1775 he became innoshikken of the Retired Emperor Gosakuramachi. In 1776 he assumed the post of buke tenso (liaison officers between the imperial court and the military government) and he has long served until 1791. During this period, in 1789 he was also appointed to Ukone no daisho (Major Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards), Umaryo gogen (Inspector of the Right Division of Bureau of Horses). From 1791 he assumed the post of Naidaijin (minister of the center), but the following year in 1792 he resigned his post. In that year, the Songo incident (respectful title incident) involving Imperial Prince Sukehito occurred between the Imperial Court and the Shogunate and Nobumichi was appointed as a representative of the Imperial Court and he left the capital to go to Edo with Naruchika NAKAYAMA, Kinaki OGIMACHI, and others.

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