Hasebe Nobutsura (長谷部信連)

Nobutsura HASEBE (year of birth unknown-1218) was a warrior who lived from the end of Heian period to the early Kamakura period. He was a child of Tametsura HASEBE, Umanosuke.


He had a courageous personality, and when he served as the guard of Imperial Palace who was in charge of near waterfall in the palace, Nobutsura caught a burglar in the Tokiwa Palace, which made him appointed as sahyoe no jo. Later he served Prince Mochihito, and in 1180 when the plan to search and kill the Taira clan, which was schemed by the prince together with MINAMOTO no Yorimasa (Rising of Prince Mochihito), was revealed, Nobutsura helped the price escape to Enjo-ji Temple and confronted the pursuing kebiishi (officials with judicial and police powers) alone. Despite hard fighting, he got caught, but he never gave in to the close questioning by TAIRA no Munemori in Rokuhara, betraying no word about the hiding place of the prince. In appreciation of Nobutsura's bravery, TAIRA no Kiyomori exiled him to Hino County, Hoki Province. After the fall of the Taira clan, Nobutsura was placed in Kebiishi Office of Aki Province by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, and he was granted Oyaso, Suzu County, Noto Province.

His descendants continued to be in Noto, and they called themselves the Naga clan, and served the Maeda clan.

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