Isshiki Norichika (一色教親)

Norichika ISSHIKI (1419 - December 21, 1451) was a shugo daimyo (shugo was a Japanese provincial military governor and later it became daimyo, a Japanese feudal lord) who lived during Muromachi period. His father was Yoshitsura ISSHIKI's younger brother, Mochinobu ISSHIKI, who was a favorite retainer of Yoshinori ASHIKAGA. His another common name was Goro. His official court title was Sakyo no daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices).

When Yoshitsura ISSHIKI was killed on May 15, 1440 in Yamato province, he attacked Yoshitsura's house in Kyoto and set it on fire the next morning. Tens of Yoshitsura's vassals were either killed or committed suicide in this attack.

Based on this achievement, he took over reigns of the Isshiki clan and became a provincial constable of Tango and north part of Ise provinces.
(He was also a Bungunshugo [a provincial constable of a specially given province in gun unit] of Kaito district, Owari province and Chita county.)
He accompanied Yoshinori in the Kakitsu Incident on June 24 but he escaped at once and got himself out of trouble.

He served as a daimyo (feudal lord) of Yamashiro Province and a governor of the Board of Retainers between 1447 and 1449.

He suddenly died on November 28, 1451. He died at the age of 33. His posthumous title was Joju-in. Because he did not have an heir, Yoshinao ISSHIKI, Yoshitsura's legitimate son took over the faimly estate of the Isshiki clan.

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