Akamatsu Norisuke (赤松範資)

Norisuke AKAMATSU (? - May 12, 1351) was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) who lived in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts.
He was a legitimate son of Norimura AKAMATSU
His official post was the director of Shinano Province. He was also a Saemon-no-jo (an officer of Saemon-fu).

In 1333, when his father, Norimura, raised an army to destroy the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), he supported his father and distinguished himself in a battle in Kyoto. However, the Akamatsu clan did not receive a fair award for their work during the Kenmu no Shinsei (the Kenmu Restoration) led by Emperor Godaigo, and Norisuke together with his father took the side of Takauji ASHIKAGA, joined battles against the Imperial Court force in various places, and distinguished himself in these battles. As a result, when the Muromachi bakufu was established, he was appointed by Takauji to Shugo (guard) of Settsu Province. In 1350, his father, Norimura, died, and Norisuke took over the family headship. In the same year, when the Kano no joran (the Kano Disturbance) occurred between Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, a younger brother of Takauji, and KO no Moronao, Norisuke took the side of Takauji and Moronao, and fought against Tadayoshi's force.

On May 12, 1351, he suddenly died at his own house in the Horikawashichijo District, Kyoto. His younger brother, Norisuke AKAMATSU (written with a different set of Chinese characters), took over the family. His posthumous Buddhist name was Yohan/Sehan. Note that the family line of Norisuke has been continuing on as the Shichijo clan.

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