Yamashina Noritoki (山科教言)

Noritoki YAMASHINA (July 23, 1328 to January 18, 1411) was a court noble during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His father was Noriyuki YAMASHINA (Norisada YAMASHINA's own son and Sukeyuki YAMASHINA's adopted son). Norishige YAMASHINA was his younger brother. His children included Norioki YAMASHINA, Norifuyu YAMASHINA and Norifuji YAMASHINA.

In 1346, Noritoki was appointed as Kura no kami (Director in the Bureau of Palace Storehouses) and in 1359, was awarded the rank of Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). In 1389, he was appointed as Gon Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state), but in 1390, he resigned his post and became a Buddhist priest, calling himself by his Buddhist name, Jogen. Although it is written in the 'Kugyobunin' (Director of Court Nobles) that he died in 1409, there is a diary written in 1410 in his own handwriting.

Noritoki is believed to have had business skills and some of the guilds of food materials transported into Kyoto came to use the residence of the Yamashina family as their headquarters after his time. From Noritoki's time onward, the Yamashina family came to assume the post of Kura no kami.

He left a diary, 'Noritoki Kyo Ki' (Diary of Lord Noritoki).

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