Imagawa Noriuji (今川範氏)

Noriuji IMAGAWA (1316 - May 21, 1365) was a shugo daimyo (a Japanese provincial military governor who became a feudal lord) between the end of the Kamakura period and the early period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the second family head of the Imagawa clan in Suruga Province. His father was Norikuni IMAGAWA, the first family head of the Imagawa clan, and his younger brother was Sadayo (Ryoshun) IMAGAWA. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He held the position of Kazusa no suke (Assistant Governor of Kazusa Province). He also held the position of Nakatsukasa no taifu (Senior Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Central Affairs).

His childhood name was Goro. In 1353, as the eldest legitimate son, he succeeded his father, Norikuni as the head of the family. However, he did not really stand out as Norikuni was still alive and his younger brother was in fact a better busho (Japanese military commander). He died in April 1365 and his son, Yasunori IMAGAWA succeeded him as the head of the family. He died at the age of 50. His hogo (Buddhist name) was 慶寿寺殿雲峰信慶大禅定門.

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