Furukawa Rikisaku (古河力作)

Rikisaku FURUKAWA (June 14, 1884 - January 24, 1911) was an anarchist. He was one of among 12 members executed for Kotoku Incident.

Brief Personal History
He was born in Kumohama village, Onyu County, Fukui Prefecture (present-day Obama City). In 1903 Furukawa left for the capital and started working in horticulture. In 1909 his name was registered for printing "Liberalism" which Shusui KOTOKU and Suga KANNO issued. In 1910 Furukawa was arrested and executed for the High Treason Incident. Died at the age of 26. Furukawa was believed to have had a design for an assassination of the Emperor with Takichi MIYASHITA, Suga KANNO and Tadao SHINMURA.

His biological brother was Mikimatsu FURUKAWA (1900 - 1995), an anarchist and a bookshop keeper, who is known for 'FURUKAWA Mikimatsu sanpo (stroll),' a catalogue of antiquarian books which Tsuki no wa shorin (book shop) deals with.

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