Bokuhansai Ryochin (卜半斎了珍)

Ryochin BOKUHANSAI (1526 - November 29, 1602) was a jito (manager and lord of manor) of Kaizukaterauchi-cho Town, Izumi Province. The first chief priest of Gansen-ji Temple, Izumi Province (Kaizuka City). He was from Negoro-ji Temple, Kii Province.

In 1545, he was invited to be a jito by Negoro-ji to Kaizuka City which was an autonomy of follower group of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) and revived the original temple. As he was on familiar terms with Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, he established hegemony in Kaizuka. He also participated as a lumber bugyo in the construction of Jurakudai residence. Kennyo, the chief priest of Hongan-ji Temple stayed at this temple for about two years and the temple became the foothold of Hongan-ji Temple. After Kennyo left the temple was given a jigo "Gansen-ji Temple" by Junnyo and he became the first chief priest.

The Bokuhan family which Ryochin started was admitted hegemony of Kaizukaterauchi-cho Town from Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, and its territory maintained towards the end of the Edo Period as a territory in the temple that was rare throughout the period.

Today Gansen-ji Temple is locally called "Bokkasan"in relation with the name of Bokuhansai.

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