Sakaibe no Marise (境部摩理勢)

SAKAIBE no Marise (Year of birth unknown - 628) was a person from a powerful family in the Asuka period. He was a son of SOGA no Iname and a younger brother of SOGA no Umako; some historian says that he was a cousin of SOGA no Umako. He was officially called SOGA no SAKAIBE no Omi Marise. His family was Sakai-be (a group in Sakai, served Yamato Dynasty) in Karu District (present Kashihara City), and his kabane (hereditary title) was Omi, so the members were called SAKAIBE no Omi.

In 600, Marise was appointed to Mimana Kyuen Shogun (general of support arms for Mimana), in fact, he didn't go to Mimana (Korea). He and his brother and the minister SOGA no Umako supported the administration of Empress Suiko and Shotoku Taishi (Prince Shotoku), and built up a strong connection with Jogu Oke (the highest royal family) led by Shotoku Taishi. After Umako had died, his son SOGA no Emishi became a minister and led the imperial court; at the same time, Marise enlarged his political power as a member of a powerful family originated from the same Soga clan as Emishi; therefore, gradually he came into serious antagonism with Emishi not only in the Soga clan but also in the imperial court.

In March, 628 (in old lunar calendar), immediate before the death, Empress Suiko called two princes beside her bed; they were powerful candidates for the next emperor. One of them was a son of Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oe no Miko (Prince Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oe), Tamura no Miko (Emperor Jomei), the other was a son of Shotoku Taishi, Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi (Prince Yamashiro no Oe). The Empress preached Tamura no Miko to keep moderateness and be careful about what he says and does, and preached Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi to know his immatureness and listen to vassals' advices. Based on the last words, SOGA no Emishi thought that Empress Suiko had planned to enthrone Tamura no Miko, then put him forward as the next emperor of Yamato (Japan). However, SAKAIBE no Marise raised objection to it as a guardian of Jogu Oke (the family of Shotoku Taishi) and supported Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi in coming forward aggressively. Although Hatsuse no Naka no Okimi (Prince Hatsuse no Naka who was a half-brother of Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi) and SEKI no Azumahito supported him as well, a few people followed him, besides Emishi conciliated people very well to his side, therefore, at last, Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi declined to succeed. Marise got angry with it and left his duty of building the tomb of SOGA no Umako, then he revolted against Emishi in 'Soga no Taie' (considered to be one of the clan's residences). Later Marise moved to the residence of Hatsuse no Naka no Okimi to keep revolting. Although he was persuaded by Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi and went back to his house, soon after that, Hatsuse no Naka no Okimi died, and Marise lost his biggest supporter. Then Emishi's army attacked Marise, and at last, Marise was strangled by a soldier KUME no Mononobe no Ikuhi.

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