Soga no Sukenari (曾我祐成)

SOGA no Sukenari (1172 - June 28, 1193) was a samurai who lived during the early Kamakura period. He was the first son of Sukeyasu KAWAZU. He was the older brother of SOGA no Tokimune.
He was also called SOGA no Juro

When he was aged 5, his real father Sukeyasu KAWAZU was assassinated by a member of the family, Suketsune KUDO, and after that, he was brought up by the Soga clan, the feudal load of Soga-so Estate in Sagami Province (present Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and the family into which his mother remarried, and he came to use the name of Soga clan. It is said that after genpuku (celebrating his coming of age), he was placed under the patronage of Tokimasa HOJO. In 1193, making use of the occasion of Fuji no Makigari (the hunting session at Mt. Fuji), in collaboration with his younger brother Tokimune, he killed Suketsune KUDO to avenge his father's death, but he was subjugated by Tadatsune NITA. His brother Tokimune, who attempted to attack the accommodation of Shogun MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, was arrested and executed.

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