Soganokura-yamada no Ishikawamaro (蘇我倉山田石川麻呂)

SOGANOKURA-YAMADA no Ishikawamaro (year of birth unknown - May 15, 649) was a member of powerful clan in the Asuka period. He was a child of SOGA no Kuramaro, who was a child of SOGA no Umako, and had Soga no Emishi as his uncle and SOGA no Iruka as his cousin. His brothers were SOGA no Himuka, SOGA no Akae, SOGA no Murajiko, and SOGA no Hatayasu. In general, he was called SOGANO no Ishikawamaro.

In 645, when Emperor Tenchi conspired with FUJIWARA no Kamatari to kill Iruka (the Murder in the Year of Isshi), he read out the memorial recieved from the Korean messenger to the Emperor as a signal of the assassination. It is said that at that time, since the assassination was not carried out quickly, he trembled while reading out the sentences and started sweating. When Iruka began having the suspicion, he asked "why are you trembling?" and Ishikawamaro answered "because I am in front of Emperor." One theory states that Furuhito no Oe no Miko's statement "Karahito killed Kuratsukuri (Iruka)"('韓人殺鞍作臣') which he gave when he escaped after the assassination of SOGA no Iruka implies that Karahito indicates SOGANOKURA-YAMADA no Ishikawamaro since his ancestor had shared the name Karahito.

After that, he was appointed the Minister of the Right in Taika Reform. In 649, when Ishikawamaro was about to cause the rebellion, he was betrayed by his half brother SOGA no Himuka, and since troops were sent by Emperor Kotoku, he committed suicide in Yamada-dera Temple with his eldest son SOGA no Kogoshi, his wife and his children. This incident is, hwoever, thought to be the secret intrigue of Prince Naka no Oe no Oji and NAKATOMI no Kamatari.

His daughter Ochi no Iratsume became Prince Naka no Oe no Oji's wife and gave birth to 5 children; Princess Ota (Princess Oku who became Ise Saigu (vestal virgin princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine) and Prince Otsu's mother), Princess Uno no Sarara (later became Empress Jito), Prince Takeru (died young) and Mei no Iratsume who gave birth to Princess Minabe (became Imperial Princess Minabe, a wife of Prince Takechi and Prince Nagaya's mother) and Princess Ahe (later became Empress Genmei and Prince Kusakabe's wife).
His another daughter Mei no Iratsume gave birth to Princess Minabe no himemiko (Imperial Princess Minabe, Wife of Prince Takechi no Miko,
Prince Nagaya's mother) and Princess Ahe (later Empress Genmei,
Prince Kusakabe's wife).

The descendants of Ishikawamaro started using the surname Ishikawa. Judging from the name, there is also a theory that claims Soganoishikawa no Sukune who was thought to be the founder of the Soga clan to be a fictitious person created by Ishikawamaro or his descendants.

Incidentally, his name is exceptionally long among the people in the history of Japan.

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