Ise Sadafuji (伊勢貞藤)

Sadafuji ISE (1432? - October 26, 1491) was a samurai in the Muromachi period. He came from the Kyoto-Ise clan (Yamashiro-Ise clan). He was the son of Sadakuni ISE. Sadafuju was the younger brother of Sadachika ISE who was Mandokoro Shitsuji (chief of Mandokoro, the Administrative Board). Sadafuji's common name was Hachiro. He was appointed to Bicchu no kami (the governor of Bicchu Province). His pseudonyms were Zuishoken and Mokusonkoji. His Buddhist name when he became a priest was Joki.

He was excellent in painting and linked verse, and an expert in ancient court and military practices, so he held an important position in the Muromachi shogunate, but he became confronted with the eighth shogun Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, and he ran away to Ise Province.

Soun's father theory

Since the Edo period, some people have said that Sadafuji and Soun HOJO were the same person, but now these two are regarded as different people. And others have said Sadafuji was the father of both Moritoki ISE (Soun HOJO) and Kitagawa-dono (the wife of Yoshitada IMAGAWA), but a research seems to reveal that Moritoki's father was Morisada ISE who came from the Bicchu-Ise clan.

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