Inaba Sadamichi (稲葉貞通)

Sadamichi INABA (1546 - October 7, 1603) was a busho or military commander (daimyo or feudal lord) from the Sengoku to the early Edo period. He was the first lord of Usuki Domain in Bungo Province.


In 1546 Sadamichi INABA was born as the second son of Yoshimichi (Ittetsu) INABA. At first he and his father served the Saito clan of Mino Province. In 1567 they surrendered to Nobunaga ODA's invasion army. Following Nobunaga's orders, they fought battles in various places. In 1579 he took over the family estate and became the lord of Sone Castle in Mino Province.

He was in Kyoto when the Honoji Incident took place in 1582. On knowing that Nobunaga was killed, he promptly returned to his province. The following year he took the side of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in the Battle of Shizugatake. Yet Mino was then under the rule of Nobunaga's third son, Nobutaka ODA. Sadamichi hesitated to rise up against his former master's son. So he let his eldest son Norimichi take over the family estate.

Following Hideyoshi, he assailed Mine Castle in Ise Province in 1583,
On their way home his troops were nearly destroyed by the local peasants who rose up in arms. Acting himself as the rear guard three times, he dispersed and repulsed the riot force. In 1587 he and Norimichi went on an expedition to conquer Kyushu. He became lord of the family again as Norimichi who had offended Hideyoshi was sentenced to house arrest. In Winter of 1587 he was appointed as Jiju (chamberlain) with the rank of the Junior Fifth, Lower Grade.

In 1588 he moved to Gujo Hachiman Castle which he renovated extensively. On May 9 of the same year he took part in the procession of attendants when Emperor Goyozei paid an imperial visit to Jurakudai. In the same year he was given the surname of Hashiba.

In April 1590 he led an army of some 1,200 men to the Siege of Odawara. In the Battle of Bunroku that started in 1592, he went to the Korean peninsula with his comrades and fought many wars.

In the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, he first joined the Western Camp and took refuge in Gujo Hachiman Castle. Attacked by Yoshitaka ENDO and Arishige KANAMORI of the Eastern Camp, the castle fell to the enemy. After that Sadamichi joined the Eastern Camp. He displayed his military prowess, following Sadayasu KATO's troops in the main battle. After the Battle, such military achievements won him the first lordship of Usuki Domain as the lord of Usuki Castle with over 50,060 koku, which had its territories in Yawata Domain with 40,000 koku in Mino Province, Ama-gun, Bungo Province (Bungo Province), Ono-gun (Oita Prefecture) and three counties in Oita-gun.

On October 7, 1603 he died at the age of 57.

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