Kazanin Sadanobu (花山院定誠)

Sadanobu KAZANIN (April 17, 1640 - November 18, 1704) was a Kugyo (high court noble) who lived in the early Edo period. He served both Emperor Reigen (the 112th) and Emperor Higashiyama (the 113th). He had an official court rank of Shonii Naidaijin (Senior Second Rank, Minister of the Center).

He was born in Kyoto as the third son of Sadayoshi KAZANIN whose official court rank was Juichii Sadaijin (Junior First Rank, Minister of the Left). His mother was Sadayoshi's lawful wife ('Seishitsu' in Japanese) and a daughter of Nobuhisa TAKATSUKASA (Kanpaku [Chief Advisor to the Emperor]). He had a lawful wife (Seishitsu) who was a daughter of a Kugyo named Tsunetaka OINOMIKADO (Sadaijin [Minister of the Left]), and a second wife (Keishitsu) who was a daughter of Nobumichi INABA, Lord of the Usuki Domain. He begot a legitimate heir named Mochizane KAZANIN with his lawful wife.

As His two older brothers died young, who were Tadahiro KAZANIN (Shogoinoge jiju [Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade, Chamberlain]) and Sadanori KAZANIN (Sakone no chujo [Middle Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards])(Jusanmi Sakon e no chujo [Junior Third Rank, Middle Captain of the Left Palace Guards]), He took over the 24th Head of the Kazanin family belonging to the FUJIWARA no Morozane line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan.

In 1652 He was conferred a peerage. This was followed by successive promotion and He became Gon Dainagon (Provisional Major Counselor) in 1665. He retired as Gon Dainagon later, but was reappointed Gon Dainagon in 1683. He served as Buke Tenso (or Denso) yaku (Imperial official in charge of communication between the shogunate and the court) from 1675 to 1684, thereafter serving as Naidaijin (Minister of the Center) until 1686. He entered the Buddhist priesthood at the age of 52 in 1692, thus renaming himself Jikan (自寛). He died in 1704. He died at the age of 65.

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