Ise Sadataka (伊勢貞孝)

Sadataka ISE was a 'busho' (Japanese military commander) who lived in the Sengoku period (period of warring states. Sadataka was a 'bakushin' (shogun's retainer) of the Muromachi bakufu (shogunate).

Sadataka was born as a son of Sadatada ISE. Upon his father's death in 1535, Sadataka took over as head of the the family and became 'mandokoro shitsuji' (chief of Mandokoro which was the Administrative Board) of the Muromachi bakufu. It is said that in 1550 Sadataka attended the deathbed of the 12th Shogun Yoshiharu ASHIKAGA, who willed that Sadataka should assist the next Shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA.

Despite the will, a relationship between Sadataka and Yoshiteru gradually deteriorated as, for example, Sadataka dared stay in Kyoto after Yoshiteru had been banished by Nagayoshi (alternatively, Chokei) MIYOSHI.
(It should be noted that when Sadataka met with Nagayoshi in 1551, an incident of an attempted assassination on Nagayoshi arose.)
Taking sides with Nagayoshi, Sadataka often fought against 'anti-Nagayoshi' Harumoto HOSOKAWA and his party.

When in 1558 Yoshiteru and Harumoto closed in for an attack, Sadataka fought them back on Miyoshi's side, but once Yoshiteru and Nagayoshi were reconciled and Yoshiteru's return for Kyoto was permitted, Sadataka, together with Nagayoshi and Shogunal Deputy Ujitsuna HOSOKAWA, received Yoshiteru. The deteriorated relationship between Sadataka and Yoshiteru was never repaired, which led Sadataka to such difficulties that as Hisahide MATSUNAGA who served Nagayoshi emerged, Sadataka gradually lost his prestige.

In 1562 Sadataka's downfall culminated by losing his position, and when Sadataka finally raised an army in Mt. Funaoka ('Funaokayama') in Kyoto, Nagayoshi ordered Hisahide MATSUNAGA to hunt down and kill Sadataka, thus resulting in the death of Sadataka and his son Sadayoshi in battle.

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