Matsudaira Sadatsuna (松平定綱)

Sadatsuna MATSUDAIRA (March 8, 1592 - February 4, 1652) was a daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) in the Edo period. The official title was Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Etchu no kami (Governor of Etchu Province). He was the lord of Yamakawa Domain in Shimosa Province, Shimotsuma Domain in Hitachi Province, Kakegawa Domain in Totomi Province, Yodo Domain in Yamashiro Province, and Ogaki Domain in Mino Province and the first lord of Kuwana Domain in Ise Province. The first generation of Hisamatsu-Matsudaira family of the Sadatsuna family line.

The third son of Sadakatsu MATSUDAIRA, the founder of the Matsuyama domain in Iyo. His mother was a daughter (Tatsu or Ninomaru dono) of Sadatomo OKUDAIRA. Ieyasu TOKUGAWA was his uncle. Odai no kata, the mother of Ieyasu was his grandmother. His lawful wife, who was a daughter of Nagamasa ASANO, died in 1633. She was given a posthumous Buddhist name 智相院殿光誉馨安樹清大姉 and buried in Reigan-ji Temple. His children included Sadatsugu MATSUDAIRA (the oldest son), Sadayoshi MATSUDAIRA (the second son), and three daughters (the lawful wife of Tadakiyo SAKAI, the lawful wife of Sadatsune MATSUDAIRA, and the lawful wife of Tadamasa SAKAI).

1596: Adopted by Jiro Kuro ARAKAWA, but in 1599 he was ordered by Ieyasu not to inherit the Arakawa clan and returned to the Matsudaira clan. 1602: Had an audience with Ieyasu for the first time and was ordered to serve the second Shogun Hidetada TOKUGAWA by Ieyasu. 1604: Given 5,000 koku in a part of Yamakawa territory in Shimosa Province. 1607: Appointed Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Etchu no kami. 1609: Given 15,000 koku in the Shimosa-Yamakawa Domain and became a daimyo. At the Siege of Osaka, he departed for the front as the chief of military patrol and in 1616 he was transferred to the Shimotsuma Domain in Hitachi Province holding 20,000 koku for his achievements. 1618: Transferred to Kakegawa-jo Castle holding 30,000 koku and in 1623 he was ordered to repair and keep Yodo-jo Castle in Yamashiro Province holding 35,000 koku. 1633: Transferred to Ogaki-jo Castle in Mino Province holding 60,000 koku. The next year he was promoted Jushiinoge. 1635: Given additional 50,000 koku and entered in Kuwana-jo Castle in Ise Province. 1651: Died in Edo. Died at the age of 60. He was given the posthumous Buddhist name 大鏡院殿前四品玄蓮社定誉一法大居士 and cremated in Reigan-ji Temple in Edo Fukagawa (Koto Ward, Tokyo Prefecture) and buried in Kuwana Shogen-ji Temple. 1797: Given a title of god, Chinkoku Daimyojin to be enshrined further.

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