Ikeda Sadayasu (池田定保)

Sadayasu IKEDA (池田 定保) was the seventh lord of Inaba-wakasa Domain (the Tottori Nishikan Nitta domain).

On August 23, 1805, Sadayasu was born as the sixth son of the fifth lord of the domain Sadatsune IKEDA in Tottori. He was adopted by Sadaoki IKEDA, his older paternal half-brother and the sixth lord of the domain due to Sadaoki's death on December 1, 1807, and he succeeded to the family headship and became the seventh lord of the domain on February 29, 1808.

Sadayasu successively held the posts of Gomonban (watchers of the various gates) of Edo-jo Castle, and in 1814, he was appointed as Oban-gashira (captain of the great guards) of Nijo-jo Castle. On February 6, 1823, he was invested with a title of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and appointed as Nagato no kami (Governor of Nagato Province). In 1832, he was appointed as Joban (Guards) of Osaka-jo Castle. On August 27, 1847, he died in Edo. He was 43 years old when he died. His adopted child Kiyonao IKEDA succeeded to him.

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