Hirohata Sakihide (広幡前秀)

Sakihide HIROHATA (January 15, 1763 - July 12, 1808) was a Kugyo (top court official) during the mid-Edo Period. He served two successive emperors, Emperor Gomomozono (the 118th Emperor)and Emperor Kokaku (the 119th Emperor). The highest official rank he attained was Shonii (Senior Second Rank) Dainagon (chief councilor of state). His father was Sakitoyo HIROHATA. His mother was the princess of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadatake. His wife was Masanobu INABA's daughter. Tsunetoyo HIROHATA was his son. His original name was Sakimoto.

In 1774 he was conferred peerage. Since then, he was promoted progressively, holding prominent positions such as Ukone no gon no shosho (Provisional Minor Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) and Ukone no gon no chujo (Provisional Middle Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards), and in 1778 he was raised to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) and became one of the Kugyo. Afterward he took posts of Toka no sechie Geben (a Kugyo who supervised many matters outside Jomei Gate at Toka no sechie, an Imperial Court ceremony), Hoheishi (an imperial messenger) to Tosho-gu Shrine, Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) and others. Since his appointment to Dainagon in 1789, he was seated in the same post for a long time until his Kokyo (death of a man of higher than the Third Rank) in 1808.

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