Sanjo Saneharu (三条実治)

Saneharu SANJO (February 6, 1651 - September 28, 1724) was Kugyo (court noble) in the early to middle of the Edo period. He mostly served the Imperial Court for three generations, Emperor Reigen (the 112th), Emperor Higashiyama (the 113th) and Emperor Nakamikado (the 114th), and he was promoted to Juichii-Sadaijin (Junior First Rank, minister of the left). His original name was Suefusa and Sanemichi. He used his name Saneharu from 1689 to his death. His title was 暁心院観照. His father was Udaijin (minister of the right), Kintomi SANJO. His mother was unknown. He had sons, Konoefu (the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards) Kinkane SANJO and Dainagon (Chief councilor) Kinatsu SANJO, and a daughter who was a wife of the lord of Hikone domain Naomichi Ii.

In 1655, he was conferred a peerage. After he was quickly promoted as the head of the Sanjo family of the Seiga family (the second highest family status for court nobles), he became Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) and was ranked with Kugyo in 1668. He successively held various posts such as Gon Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state), Gon Dainagon (a provisional major counselor), Jingutenso (shrine messenger to Emperor) and Toka no sechie Geben [a kugyo who supervised many matters outside Jomei Gate at Toka no sechie (Imperial Court Ceremony]). In 1683, he served as Cyugushiki (Office of the Consort's Household) for Fusako TAKATSUKASA, the Empress of Emperor Reigen, and then in 1685, he served concurrently as Ukone no daisho (Major Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards). In 1687, he resigned Cyugu daibu (Master of the Consort's Household). In 1693, he took a post as Naidaijin (minister of the center), however he resigned the posts, Konoefu and Naidaiji within the same year. Moreover, he took the post as Udaijin, however, he also resigned the post shortly after that. In 1705, he was conferred Juichii (Junior First Rank). In 1715, he was appointed as Sadaijin, however, shortly after that, he also resigned the post.
He died in 1724
He died at the age of 75.

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