Hashimoto Sanehisa (橋本実久)

Sanehisa HASHIMOTO (June 7, 1790 to February 22, 1857) was a court noble, and a high court noble in the late Edo period. He was the head of the Hashimoto family which originated from Urin family. His official ranks were Shonii (Senior Second Rank), Councilor of State, and Dainagon (chief councilor of state). He was a child of Sanenari HASHIMOTO. His mother was a daughter of Tsunemasa KAZANIN. Among his children were Saneakira HASHIMOTO, Tsuneko HASHIMOTO (a court lady of the first rank to Emperor Ninko, the real mother of Imperial Princess Kazunomiya Chikako, Kangyoin). Among his younger sisters were Iyo (upper grade Otoshiyori maid Anekoji in O-oku), and Rishi (the upper grade Otoshiyori maid Karahashi in O-oku). She was renamed as Hananoi later on.

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