Abo Sanekazu (安保実員)

Sanekazu ABO, or Sanekazu ABU (the date of birth and death unknown) was Gokenin (an immediate vassal of the shogunate in the Kamakura and Muromachi through Edo periods) of Kamakura bakufu during the early Kamakura period. His myoji (family name) is sometimes written in different Japanese characters; "安保" or "阿保." He was a member of the family called Tanto Party, which had a stronghold in Abo, Musashi Province (present day Motoabo, Kamikawamachi Town, Kodama County, Saitama Prefecture) and the party was one of Musashi-shichito Parties with the family name Tajihimahito. The father of Sanekazu was Gyobu no jo Sanemitsu ABO who was drowned in the battle of Uji-gawa River in Jokyu War.

As Onsho (reward grants) of Jokyu War, Sanekazu was appointed to Shugo of Harima Province (provincial constable of Harima Province.)
The daughter of Sanekazu married Yasutoki HOJO, the regent of Kamakura bakufu, the 3rd, as keishitsu (the second wife) and gave birth to Yasutoki's second son, Tokizane HOJO, but he died at the age of 16.

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