Hashimoto Sanenari (橋本実誠)

Sanenari HASHIMOTO (April 9, 1758 – April 9, 1817) was a court noble of the Edo period. He was the head of the Hashimoto family which originated from the Urin family. His father was Sanesuke HASHIMOTO; his mother was a housekeeper of the Hashimoto family. His lawful wife was a daughter of Tsunemasa KAZANIN. He served as Shonii Sangi Dainagon Honza-senge (councilor, chief councilor of state having the right to participate in the imperial proclamation at senior second rank). Among his children, Sanehisa HASHIMOTO, Iyo (Anekoji) who served as Joro-otoshiyori (high rank female housekeeper in the inner Edo-jo Castle), Masako (or Ayako or Riko) who served as Joro-otoshiyori too, and Karahashi (later changed her name to Hananoi) who served as a female housekeeper in the inner Edo-jo Castle are known.

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