Kanamori Shigechika (金森重近)

Shigechika KANAMORI (1584 - January 30, 1657) was the first son of a busho (Japanese military commander) Arishige KANAMORI (lord of Hida Takayama clan). His younger brothers were Shigeyori KANAMORI, Shigekatsu KANAMORI and Shigesumi SAKAI. He is well-known by the name of Sowa. A founder of Sowaryu lineage of tea ceremony. His children were Masauji KANAMORI and wife of 山下市政.

He was disinherited because he criticized his father Arishige KANAMORI and others who supported the Tokugawa clan at the Siege of Osaka in 1614, and began to live in seclusion with his mother (daughter of Yoshitaka ENDO) in Kyoto.
He learned Zen in Daitoku-ji Temple, took the tonsure and began to call himself 'Sowa.'

Since he was excellent in tea ceremony like his grandfather Nagachika and his father Arishige, he came to have close relationships with court nobles and act as a master of tea ceremony. While he incorporated the styles of Shigenari FURUTA and Enshu KOBORI, his style was soft and elegant. His style was called 'Hime Sowa' and loved by the court nobles in Kyoto, and he was even invited by Iemitsu TOKUGAWA in Edo.
(On the other hand, SEN no Sotan was called 'Sotan the beggar.')
His style continues today as Sowaryu lineage of tea ceremony.

He is also known as the person who found Ninsei NONOMURA, a potter. Also, he ordered Kizaemon TAKAHASHI, a carpenter, and Sanemon NARITA, a nurishi (a maker of lacquer ware and handiworks) and others to create the Hida Shunkei Lacquer ware.

His grave is located at Tennei-ji Temple (Kyoto City) in Monzen-cho, Tennei-ji,.Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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