Hino Shigeko (日野重子)

Shigeko HINO (1411- September 29, 1463) was a person who lived during the Miromachi period. She was a member of the Hino clan. She was a concubine of Yoshinori ASHIKAGA who was the sixth Shogun of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). She was a daughter of Shigemitsu HINO. She was the mother of Yoshikatsu ASHIKAGA, the seventh Shogun, and Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, the eighth Shogun. Her brother was Yoshisuke HINO whose grandchildren were Katsumitsu HINO and Tomiko HINO.

She gave birth to Yoshikatsu in 1434 and Yoshimasa in 1436. After her husband Yoshinori was killed in the Kakitsu War, she became involved in the shogunate government supporting young Yoshikatsu and Yoshimasa and conflicted with Imamairi no tsubone who was Yoshimasa's menoto and loved by him. Imamairi no tsubone was exiled because he was suspected when a child of Tomiko, the legitimate wife of Yoshimasa, died early because of her curse, and forced to commit suicide in1459, thought to be ordered by Tomiko or Shigeko.

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