Hino Shigemitsu (日野重光)

Shigemitsu HINO (1374 - April 25, 1413) was a court noble who lived in the Muromachi period. He was the 21st head of the Hino family. He was the son of Sukeyasu HINO, the 20th head of the Hino family. Shigemitsu's children were Yoshisuke HINO, Muneko HINO (Yoshinori ASHIKAGA's lawful wife), and Shigeko HINO (Yoshinori ASHIKAGA's lawful wife). He was the grandfather of the brothers, Yoshikatsu ASHIKAGA and Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA. His post was zo sadaijin (minister of the left, posthumously conferred).

Shigemitsu died at a young age, and Yoshisuke HINO, who succeeded Shigemitsu, married off Shigemitsu's daughters, Muneko HINO and Shigeko HINO, to Yoshinori ASHIKAGA, the 6th Shogun.

It is recorded in art-related materials that he once made a gift of a picture of female hermit, which was futano (double of ordinary width) in size.

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