Hangaya Shigetomo (榛谷重朝)

Shigetomo HANGAYA was a busho (Japanese military commander) from the end of Heian period to the early Kamakura period. A gokenin (a shogunal retainer) of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). Known as a master of archery.

He belonged to a family of the Chichibu clan which followed Kanmu-Heishi (Taira clan), and his father was Arishige OYAMADA, the patriarch of the Oyamada clan. His older brother was Shigenari INAGE. He was entrusted with the management of Hangaya no Mikuriya (manors of Imperial family and powerful shrines) which was a Shoen (manor in medieval Japan) of Ise Jingu Shrine and called himself the Hangaya clan. His home ground was at Futamatagawa (presently in Yokohama City).

In October 1180, the Chichibu clan surrendered to MINAMOTO no Noritomo, who raised an army and became his gokenin. On May 28, 1181 (the old calendar), he was chosen as Shikoshu who guarded Yoritomo's place to sleep. Being superior in archery and horseback-riding, Shigetomo followed Yoritomo to conduct inuomono (a dog-hunting event), ushiomono (a cow hunting event), kokasagake (shooting arrows toward distant target) and so on, and often played the role of an archer at the New Year Yumi-hajime (First archery). In March, 1184 he joined the force to put down MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka and Heike, and took part in the Battle of Ichinotani. It is said that in August 1189 he took part in the Oshu Battle and washed Yoritomo's cavalry horse every day.

In October 1199 after the death of Yoritomo, he joined impeachment of Kagetoki KAJIWARA and at the Conspiracy of Yoshikazu HIKI in September 1203, he took part in the force for the subdugation of Hiki family.

On July 18, 1205 (the old calendar), he was blamed for assisting the premeditated murder of his male cousin,Shigetada; and together with his sons, Shigeki Hangaya and Hideshige HANGAYA, he was attacked and killed by Yoshimura MIURA at Kamakura Kyoji-tani, which ended the HANGAYA clan.

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