Shinsho (Shinjo) (審祥)

Shinsho (Shinjo) was a Buddhist priest of the Kegonshu sect in the Nara period. No details are known about his origin.

It is presumed that Shinsho went to Tang Dynasty China and learned Kegon (the thought that virtues are correctly provided due to training and performing acts of charity) from Hozo, but since he called himself a student of Silla, another theory was that he learned Kegon Doctrine in Silla.

He returned to Japan sometime in the Tenpyo era (729 to 749) and stayed at Daian-ji Temple in Nara.

He served as a lecturer in the lecture of Kegon-kyo (Avatamsaka Sutra), which was started by Roben at Konshu-ji Temple in 740, for three years.

Shinsho owned many sutras in those days and frequently lent them to sutra copying offices.

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