Ito Shinso (伊藤真聰)

Shinso ITO (April 25th 1942-) is a person of religion and the present Shinnyoen Buddhist (heir), whose real name is Masako ITO.

Brief Personal History

She was born to Shinjo ITO and Tomoji as their third female daugher in 1942 at Tachikawa City, Tokyo Prefecture. She graduated from the Philosophy Department, Literature Faculty of Taisho University (she majored in the science of religion) in 1965. She became the priestess after graduation from university.

She assumed the post of youth chairman in 1971.
(She laid the foundation for youth activities and Early Morning Cleaning Volunteers.)

With the death of her father Shinjo ITO in 1989, she became the second generation Shinnyoen Buddhist. She was conferred the Dai-sojo-i (the highest ranked priest or priestess) from Daigo-ji Temple, the headquarter of Daigo school of the Shingon sect in 1989.

In the ceremony held at the Kondo hall of Daigo-ji Temple in 1997 for commemorating the establishment of the Shinnyo Sanmayado Hall aiming to praise her father Shinjo and her mother Tomoji publicly for their distinguished service, she managed the ceremony as a doshi (officiating monk), who became the first not-tonsured priestess to serve as the doshi in the temple's 1,000 years history.

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