Hayashi Shintaro (林信太郎)

Shintaro HAYASHI (year of birth unknown - December 10, 1868) was a corporal of the Shinsengumi (a special force that guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate).

He was born in Musashi Province. Around 1863, he joined the Shinsengumi. He liquidated Samanosuke ARAKIDA, who was a spy of Choshu Domain.

When the Ikedaya Incident broke out, although he was assigned to Toshizo HIJIKATA's platoon and was investigating the movements of the opponents in Yakata area in the Shikoku region, he hastened to Ikedaya Inn in Kyoto to back up Isami KONDO. He was given a financial incentive of 17-ryo (old currency unit) for this merit.

After the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and the Battle of Koshu-Katsunuma, he joined the Seiheitai brigade lead by Shinpachi NAGAKURA and Sanosuke HARADA, and fought in various fields including the northern Kanto region and Aizu Domain, however, he was killed in the fight against the soldiers of Kurume Domain on the Mito-kaido Road.

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