Kano Shoei (狩野松栄)

Shoei KANO (1519 - November 24, 1592), the third son of Motonobu KANO, was a painter of the Kano school who lived in the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Naonobu was his elder brother. Both of his two elder brothers died at a young age, and he inherited the Kano family.

Eitoku KANO was Shoei's son. The picture he and Eitoku painted together on a wall of Jukoin, Daitoku-ji Temple is famous. After Eitoku died (in 1590), he died in 1592 at the age of 74.

His chief paintings

Shosho Hakkei-zu (Eight views of the Xiao and the Xiang in China) and Chikukoyuen-zu (literally, a picture of bamboos, tigers, playing monkeys) (both in Jukoin, Daitoku-ji Temple).
Nehanzo (an image of the Buddha immediately after his death) (in Daitoku-ji Temple)

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